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1. Patent-pending adjustable elastic band, according to personal head circumference length resizing elastic band.
2.Do not use any metal or wire nails, to avoid skin contact with the metal foreign body sensation, and suitable for use in the workplace should be avoided (such as underground engineering) metallic substances.
3.High-density Latex-Free cloth woven belt, soft and comfortable, and avoid elastic band when sweat clung to his face.
4.Design annular elastic band allows you to mask hanging on his chest, placed a mask to avoid trouble.
5.PP inner soft and comfortable, providing the most comfortable contact with your skin, and can maintain a good adaptation.
6.Preformed nose and soft, comfortable foam to further strengthen the adhesion effect masks, can provide you with more effective protection.
7.Mask edge mining pressure patterns designed to avoid flu mask edge delamination caused by wearing ill.
8.Ergonomic design, and protective eyewear can be easily used with the situation and reduce fogging.